Bubblegum / 60 TL

Bubblegum / 60 TL

18 EUR


Published by Good Press (2013)
410 pages, 17 x 26 cm, Paperback


'The premise of this 400+ pages was for us all to get into the GSA library, get 100 photocopies each and make them harmonious together. We took a stretch each and the varying styles sing through with sometimes a huge gap between subject matter chosen. Sometimes not. Some sections have a running 'theme', some are coarsely black and white, some more tonally vague. On the whole, the images are untouched coming through in the book as they were copied from the machine.

The aim of this book was to create a lot on very little, or more on what is available, and do it together. A resource we were and still are all able to approach and a wealth of content being at our fingertips.

Like mentioned, there are 410 pages in this book and its just under A4 in size. This means its HEAVY. Unfortunately, that also means its expensive to ship. 100% worth it and the cost for such a book is minimal.'