Dust And Other Stories / 70 TL

Dust And Other Stories / 70 TL

21 EUR
Dust and Other Stories
Paul Rooney

Edited by Jeremy Akerman and Eileen Daly
Akerman Daly & Aye-Aye Books, 2012, 248pp, softback, 18 x 16 cm
Designed by BoeckBerg

This collection of 19 fictional stories feature Paul Rooney’s trademark style, with echoes of Iain Sinclair, Samuel Beckett and Donald Barthelme, all offset by Liverpudlian humour. ‘Rooney is the master of urban myth … he emphasises and charms us into feeling the subjectivity of his protagonists. Who else but him could achieve such deep pathos with such down to earth subjects’, Robert Clark, The Guardian.

Paul Rooney is an artist and a writer, and winner of the 2008 Northern Art Prize.