Flash 500 / 50 TL

Flash 500 / 50 TL

15 EUR
Flash 500
Edited by Jeremy Akerman and Eileen Daly
Published by Akerman Daly, 2015, 74pp, softback, 21 x 14.8 cm
Original design by OS-B additional design by Marion Guérineau

Thirty-two artists were invited to write 500 words with no other restriction in content or form. This wide-ranging collection includes stories, poems, plays, song lyrics, diary entries, real-life experiences, recipes, letters and fantastical narratives. Flash 500 is a distinctive anthology by artists who use words and writing as part of their work.

Dorothy Cross, George Shaw, Charlotte Young, Simon Bill, Daniela Cascella, Giorgio Sadotti, Pamela Golden, Fiona Banner, Maria Zahle, Brian Catling, Edward Allington, Simon Faithfull, Paul Rooney, Timothy Hyman, Mikey Cuddihy, Paul Becker, Susan Finlay, Jason Dungan, Fabian Peake, Richard Billingham, Francesco Pedraglio, Brighid Lowe
Georgia Hayes, Jason Coburn, Simon Bill, Patrick Coyle, Audrey Reynolds, Paul Hamlyn, Milly Thompson, Sue Tompkins, Jeffrey Dennis, Jess Flood-Paddock, Siôn Parkinson