mono.kultur #35 / 25 TL

mono.kultur #35 / 25 TL


mono.kultur # 35 - Marina Abramovic (Army of Me)

English, 46 pages, 15 x 20 cm, Softcover
Published by mono.kultur, 2013

mono.kultur is an interview magazine in full length and depth, extensive and unfiltered. One interview per issue. Quarterly


'Marina Abramović has been making performance art for 40 years. Born in Belgrade in the former Yugoslavia in 1946, her early work in the 1970s included dangerous and violent acts, raising the stakes between artist and audience by offering her own body as a canvas for revelations about human nature, or challenging the audience as voyeurs of and participants in her suffering. In Rhythm 0, for example, Abramović offered the audience an assortment of 72 objects and allowed them to interact with her in any way they chose during the six-hour performance, while she remained completely passive.

Exploring the relationship between performer and audience, the immaterial nature of energy and the possibilities and restrictions of body and mind, these works were set in opposition to the apparent pretense of theater and the commerciality of saleable art objects. Unlike theater, in performance art ‘the knife is real, the blood is real, and the emotions are real,’ she said.'