SUS / 20 TL

SUS / 20 TL

SUS by Benjamin Dittrich
Published by Verdrusz Books

12x18cm, 32 pages, b/w digital printing, saddle stitched, with envelope, sticker and insert on yellow card, 2015

From the publisher: 'Benjamin is a great friend and also a bit of a hoarder, everytime you go and visit his studio there's a new pile of these science books and encyclopaedias that in the 60ies (or 70ies, or 80ies, let alone these days) no one liked, the ones that are dry enough to drive any reasonable kid back to YPS and that riverbank with the crickets where you can smoke without inhaling. Benjamin does us the big favor of erasing all the silly words and useless information out of these books, hunching over them with his scalpel like a sleepwalking surgeon going through procedures that never existed.

Freed from all their verbal baggage they turn into something a lot more enjoyable and flip-through-worthy, and "SUS" is an especially
lovely little volume, full of diagrams and scientific shapes that are much more fun when you take the science out of them.

A timely reminder that information is much nicer when you don't have to understand it, like that golden record they sent out to space that
really should be on a museum's wall instead.

"SUS" is the work of an outstanding abstract sensibility that blossomed over many years in Benjamin's head, and heart of course.'
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