The Anthropomorphism Of Objects Is A Form Of Play

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The Anthropomorphism of Objects Is A Form Of Play
(Nesnelerin Antropomorfizmi Bir Oyun Biçimidir)
Shannon May Powell
Published by torna, April 2017, Istanbul -
3rd edition of 30 copies (1st and 2nd editions are sold out), hand numbered, English & Turkish text, includes 3 books, 74 pages, 14.8 x 21 cm
A publication by Australian writer and photographer Shannon May Powell. Shannon worked on this project while being the resident artist at torna in July 2016. The publication consists of 3 separate booklets: Book of Writings, Book of Images and Book of Research. You will find a collection of her writings, images and research material she produced during her stay at torna. There is also a torna interview with the artist inside.