The Gorgon's Dream / 63TL

The Gorgon's Dream / 63TL

19.50 EUR

The Gorgon's Dream by David Austen, published by LemonMelon, 2012

32 pages, 20cm x 28 cm; signed and numbered limited edition of 200 copies


A black and white silent film turned book.

The Gorgon’s Dream is Austen's haunting interpretation of a small bronze sculpture in the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. Made in the 16th century by Benuvenuto Cellini, the sculpture depicts the head of Medusa held tightly in a fist, a model for 'Perseus and the Medusa' in Florence. At once violent and seemingly gentle, the sculpture struck Austen as disconcertingly similar to a photograph by Lee Miller; the back of the head of a coifed woman, her own hand grasping her hair.