The Plinth postcard set / 26 TL

The Plinth postcard set / 26 TL

The Plinth postcard set

14.8 x 21cm, 34 colour postcards

The Plinth, based in Glasgow, is an exciting space for exhibitions and is set in a living room!  You can find 34 exhibitions in the form of 34 postcards.

Works by artists: Leonie Sinden, Caroline Grape, Kate Stonestreet, Amy Hinchcliffe, Florence Dwyer, Alice Pognat, Rosie McGinn, Leo Arnold, Sarah Bethan Jones, Caitlin Smith, Sonia Hufton, Patrick Church, Ari Nielsson, Rhia Laing, Dave Stobart, Nayan Patel, Nancy Haslam-Chance, Molly Line, Antra Švarcs, Kerry McManus, Ella Porter, Louise Worrall, Joanne Dawson, Ewan Mitchell, Sam Walker, Hannah McDonald, Nathan Cook, Thomas Woods, Daniel Micah DeWolfe.