To Be Small And To Stay Small / 40TL

To Be Small And To Stay Small / 40TL

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To Be Small and To Stay Small

Colour,  20.5 x 14.5 cm,  softcover, with an inserted CD.

Conceived,  designed and printed by Seda Yıldız,  special thanks to Rob Van Leijsen.

Ulysses was born in Trieste is both a research project,  an exhibition and a performance /  conversations initiated by artist Dora Garcia in collaboration with HEAD Geneva with a number of guests . 

The project title is taken from a conference writer Italo Svevo gave Milan in 1927 about James Joyce,  based on the specific type of language developed by those considered to have different symptoms associated with schizophrenia .  The lines draw the features of the language ,  such as analyzed by the seminal work of Emil Kraepelin published in 1906 Über Sprachstörungen I’m Traume,  (no meaning or purpose,  thinking ” asyndetic ” metonymic distortion,  neologisms corresponding to new concepts,  ignorance of social conventions related to language)  are repeated “wildly parallel ”  in the language of literature,  film and art of avant-garde.

The relationship between symptom and symbol,  grammar and time ,  dream and delusion,  metaphor and neologism and the possibility of interpretation / translation of the question proposed by psychoanalysis form a new angle to observe the work of different artists and thinkers,  and the production not only works of art,  but also new forms of presentation.