Toponym / 63 TL

Toponym / 63 TL

19.50 EUR

Toponym by Lia Na'ama ten Brink, published by LemonMelon, 2014

Softback, 100pages,  edition of 200 copies


'Missionaries used to speak of dreams as the god of the savage, but through my hands they have always slipped like mercury ...'

Toponym is a work of poetic-documentary montage, a journey through form that segues between found texts and images, traversing registers that are in turn technical, lyrical, scientific and archival. Its compass extends from the illuminators of medieval Central Asia to the nocturnal cormorant fishermen of 1950s Peking; from a surveyor’s passage through Victorian London to an historian’s taxonomy of shadow; and from Renaissance autobiography to the musicological diagrams of a modernist composer.

Where once narrative was shared in the ritualised gatherings of Boccaccio’s Florentine storytelling nobility, or imparted through the rites and festivities of the ancient Roman calendar, in Toponym it becomes a polyphony of verbal and visual fragments haunted by the placeless-ness that is the mark of the library, the archive and the imagination. The act of reading moves beyond language: unfurling across material surfaces, articulating the mineral and the molecular, the chromatic and the textile.